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Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.
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I'm beginning to like the Kalita 155 more. I now use the same amount ground coffee and grind level as with the Kalita Uno (8 gram), but I pour differently. Instead of following Kalita's method I just pour the coffee in small "pulses", keeping the water level very shallow, with the coffee bed just below. The result is more similar to the Uno, which is a good thing.

I also started testing my pour-over coffee using a Brix refractometer, but I'm not sure if there's any great insight to gather from the results.

Lastly, I ordered a HARIO V60 MUGEN and a Kalita Hasami (101) from Kurasu. I know I already have too many drippers, but I can't help trying new ones lol. At least this is a lot less expensive than buying additional (electric) espresso machines (I maxed out at two of those and intend to keep it that way).


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boren wrote:I know I already have too many drippers
It's not possible :shock:

That's like saying you've made too many coffees in your lifetime.

My issue with the Kalita may be related to the filters. I ordered a batch and they were stacked inside each other. Now I have a bunch of filters that tend to collapse in various ways during rinsing and brewing, which is not nice for the process nor for my satisfaction. I'm too stubborn to order a new batch and throw them out.


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Kalita 185 (glass) is my go to at the moment, has been the last year or so. Brewing at 21-349g.
If I want a slightly smaller brew, I currently usually go for my V60 01 (plastic), at 18-298g.
Clever Dripper was my usual for a long time, not at the moment, but may return to it at some point.
Quite often use a French Press/Cafetiere (small and large) as well. I use a certain method for speciality beans if I'm finding a little astringency as pourover even after fully dialling in as much as I can, as that element often disappears as immersion. I use a basic French Press method for commercial (supermarket) beans (blush), either for myself if I'm in a rush and don't have time to savour and appreciate speciality ones, or for guests who want coffee that tastes like coffee...
I love my Chemex (6 cup) if I'm making a bigger batch (36-597g) as well, but don't often use it at the moment because my wife has only drunk decaf for the last couple of years, so I'm mostly brewing single cups for me.
Have a whole load of other different brewers in the cupboard, but most of them don't get out much.