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Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.
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#11: Post by JohnB. »

My favorite way to brew is with my Hario Nouveau 5C. I enjoy the process & the resulting brew using cloth filters beats anything else I've tried.

Second place would go to brewing using my Finum baskets. Results in a rich, sweet press pot style brew without any of the bitterness that can sometimes ruin true Press Pot brew.

I've only used the CCD 3-4 times so far but none of the resulting brews have come close to my siphon brew. To be fair I'm still playing with different grinds & steep times.

Aeropress hasn't been out of the cupboard in years & my Chambords are gathering dust aside from the one my wife uses to brew Yerba Mate'.


#12: Post by earlgrey_44 »

I was recruited into the paper filter, manual drip camp thirty years ago when I sold fresh whole bean coffee in my specialty store.

- flavor separation and clarity
- hot coffee; little temperature loss
- easy, and reasonably scalable with bigger cones and filters

I admired French press and did that on occasion.

The advent of the Clever Dripper and my belated discovery of vac pots in recent years has me rethinking things. The CD loses a point for being restricted to small batch quantities. Otherwise, it has the advantages listed above plus the added dimension of a better extraction profile.

A vac pot has all the good things too, with at least a certain amount of batch size variation being manageable. With the glass and stainless filters I have used, there is a small amount of turbidity and some oil notes that add their je ne sais quoi that you don't get with the paper. I like that, but I bounce back and forth between that and the CD.

I haven't yet tried a vac brew with a cloth filter, so I don't think I've fully explored the vac pot space yet.
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#13: Post by JmanEspresso »

I like the CCD dripper more now, than when I first bought it. When I first used it, I was unimpressed compared to french press. I found it lacked the body FP offers, but didnt bring anything new to the table either. But I thought the device was pretty cool, so I gave it a fair chance and stuck with it.

Ive since grown to like it a bit more. My first choice? No, but I certainly wouldn't get rid of it.

Best results for me come from using a grind that allows for a 2:30min-3min steep time, and then it usually is 30seconds for it to empty. The actual grind varies, but Id call it a mid point between the finer V60 grind and the coarse French Press chunks. Oh and also, I rinse the filter thoroughly before adding coffee.

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#14: Post by MSH »

Between the Aeropress + Disk, French Press, Woodneck and V60 I have --> the Aeropress is my choice 90%-95% of the time.
My wife bought the AP for me for a long vacation we had at Christmas time last year. I never thought I would become such a huge fan. If my wife drank coffee I probably wouldn't use it quite as much with the limited volume. I'm definitely intrigued by the CCD. Prior to the Aeropress I used my french press most of the time. The press pot is the go-to when we have guests at the house that drink coffee.

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#15: Post by mariobarba »

Am I the only one who only drinks espresso? I love it for the velvety mouthfeel, which is why all other methods never really appealed to me.

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#16: Post by JmanEspresso »

Idk, Im sure some others only drink 'spro.

I was drinking brewed coffee way, way before I ever had espresso. Even when I really learned about coffee and started only buying fresh from the top roasters in the country, it was about another half a year before I discovered espresso.(or rather, bought the gear to make espresso)

So, while espresso is probably what I drink the most of, I could never stop enjoying a delicious brewed coffee.


#17: Post by Sam21 »

I favorite brew method is the Woodneck. Cloth filtration really creates an amazing layered cup with great body. It really highlights the African coffees that I love so much! Speaking of cloth filtration, I used to be a huge siphon fan and need to get back into it. I have a Hario TC-3 as well as a TC-2 lower globe that I swap when the situation calls for it.

I have two second place brew methods: CCD and Aeropress + Disk. I love these two methods for their portability and the solid cups they produce. They get bumped up the ladder a bit because they work so well with my LIDO!

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#18: Post by Jake L »

Now that I have the LIDO I would have to vote for the French Press. I like my aeropress a lot but the fact that it is plastic really irks me even though it says BPA free. I wish they would come out with either an all metal or all glass aeropress. Working on siphon brewing now, but the FP is so simple and efficient. I love spro but am coming to find it has its place with certain coffees and roasts, while others are better suited to brewing. Not that you can't use one in the other it just comes down to preferences.

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#19: Post by the_trystero »

Yeah, glass would be great, hopefully it wouldn't scuff up as much as the plastic, too.
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#20: Post by ex trahere »

For vac-pot, I exclusively use the Hario TCA 2 (240ml). I prefer making small amounts of siphon at a time, so it suits me perfectly.

For drip, I use a wood neck most of the time, or a V60 if I don't feel like cleaning up the cloth. Both I find use the same pour technique, which I have gotten much more repeatable with my kettle gicleur.

No one has really mentioned cold brew, but it is coming up on that time of year. I have messed around with the slow drip (Kyoto style as it is for some reason often called), V60 over ice, and immersion style. I have found that the immersion style followed by a multistep filtration ending in cloth is my favorite cold brew.
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