Very fine grinds but under-extracted coffee

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I mentioned it in my other post I believe, but I am having a very tough time dialing in my V60 brews. I used to be able to make excellent cups but that all changed about a year ago and I think I narrowed down what caused it, but have not yet found a solution.

I believe I was using beans that simply were not good, which led me to grind finer and finer to try and get a decent cup. At the time I didn't know it was the beans that were bad and thought something was off with my technique so I just kept grinding finer trying to make the coffee stronger but at least with some flavor.

This sort of snowballed, and all of my coffees ever since have been lacking, to say the least. A few different times I tried grinding very coarse, almost like French press and the cups were actually passable but still not flavorful, so I'm 99% sure the grind is the culprit but I just can't figure out why.

I'm just curious if going to fine can actually cause under extraction. I talked to a few of my roaster friends, and they told me to try and go so fine that I clogged the Brewer, but even when I did that I never got over extraction, just bleh coffee.

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I have noticed a trend that sometimes finer grinds drain faster than coarser grinds to an extent. For example, sometimes with some coffees, a 5 grind on my grinder often drains faster than a 6 to 7 but then coarser than 7 starts draining faster. This does not happen most of the time, but I have noticed it in a few coffees. When it happens, I suspect it is channeling in the finer grinds and draining faster because of that. Perhaps something like that is happening for you.

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There was a post on Reddit that stated something similar, which is what led me to realize that this was(is) my problem.

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Try the Tetsu method. My draw down is typically within the 3-3:30 range with 5 pours. I've found most fine and fast V60 methods to be harsh on my palate.

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Thanks. I've actually been testing the 4:6 for the last few weeks and the cuos go from about a 1, to a 5 on the 10 scale, so the Tetsu definitely works better for me, I'm just not exactly sure why.

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I haven't seen it in your comments thus far, but I'd not only coarsen the grind, but also updose and then re-evaluate.
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