V60 vs Moccamaster

Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.

#1: Post by Jeff001 »

I've held off getting into manual pour over as I have a Moccamaster. In my quest for the best coffee I can make, which is also costing more and more money, I've been wondering if using a v60 or similar will make a difference.

I'm curious to hear from people who do both, strictly looking at the resulting flavor rather than the enjoyment of the ritual.

A secondary question, should you significantly enjoy pour over more, is repeatabiyan issue or is that something you quickly get good at?


#2: Post by TallDan »

I think the coffee from my chemex is better than from my technivorm. I don't use the v60 as much because I prefer to make more coffee at a time, which the chemex allows.

That's not necessarily saying that manual is better. I had a Behmor brewer for a bit and I thought it made better coffee than the technivorm.

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#3: Post by TallDan »

Oh, and for repeatability: I've got my routine down and I think that I'm very consistent. It did take some practice, (and attention when I'm not really awake yet) but it's not hard.

For the price of a v60 and some filters, I don't think you can't go wrong.


#4: Post by kahveadam »

If we were to make such a comparison, my answer would definitely be Moccamaster. Because I think filter coffee is the best brewing equipment. But still, Delter Press is indispensable.


#5: Post by mikelipino »

Having just scored a Moccamaster off of Craigslist (for an absolute steal, just took a little TLC to get it to pretty much new condition), I've been running back to back comparisons against a V60 that I've been using daily since the beginning of the year. The cups from each are surprisingly so different. If you're looking for laser clarity and tea-like body, V60 is the way to go, particularly for SO and lighter roasted beans. If you're looking for capital-C Coffee flavor that's deep and complex with tremendous body, Moccamaster is the way to go.

While I've had really good SO and light roast cups from the MM, there's something about medium to dark blends on the machine that scream coffee to folks not used to 3rd wave brews. It's probably down to the difference between strict percolation on the V60 compared against filtered steeping on the Moccamaster. But I'd say if you already have the MM, spending $15 on a plastic V60 and some filters would be an easy addition for variety.

One strange thing I've noticed is that water makes a huge difference on the MM. I've been playing around with Barista Hustle recipes bouncing between WOC Budapest, BH Standard, and Rao. For the V60, changes in water were there, but since I've been dialing in grind and playing with water temps it's been third or fourth thing on mind. But for the past few days I couldn't figure out why I'd lost all body on MM brews, regardless of grind or roast level. Then it clicked, I switched to WOC Budapest with its low Mg hardness, mostly to protect against scale. Switching back to BH with it's slightly higher Mg hardness, it's brought the body back significantly. Is this because of the higher contact time between water and coffee on the MM vs the V60 that the effect was so large?

As an aside, a Moccamaster is built like a tank. After bringing it home a bit dingy, I went at it with a toothbrush in some weak detergent water and my coffee bar towels. Since it's mostly metal (anodized? It doesn't seem to be paint), it cleaned up a treat. And reading up on the internals, I'm hoping it's operational for a good long time. Did I mention it's stunning? :)


#6: Post by erik82 »

I've got experience with the Moccamaster and a lot of experience with a V60. With the Moccamaster I couldn't even come close to the quality I'm getting with the Moccamaster. And once you're used to the V60 repeatability is super easy. With somewhat darker roasts the Moccamaster can do a decent job but with light roasts the V60 will run circles around it.

And the plastic V60 works best for thermal properties so just buy that cheap one and your good to go. You just need to have a look what size you want. A V60-01 will work for brews up to 18/300. For bigger brews you'll need the V60-02. And if you're in doubt just buy both because they're really cheap. And start with a pack of 02 filters as they also fit the 01, same size but just taller so they'll stick out over the rim.

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#7: Post by txxt »

I have many years of Moccamaster use and a few years of V60 01 use under my belt.

When the time allows, there's no reason to go w the Moccamaster brew for me. The V60 is incredibly clean (I generally drink natural Ethiopians, Yemens, Kenyans, Guats) and is so transparent in taste that I'm shocked I'm drinking coffee sometimes. I do pulse pours in a spiral like a 4:6 method would do.

When drinking Moccamaster brews, I definitely know I'm drinking a brew. It's very good but w the uneven extraction from the shower head constantly hitting the center of grounds it lends some muddiness to the flavors. Much more body as well. I'm very happy w hitting On and walking away in the mornings but there's really no comparison vs the V60.

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#8: Post by Eiern »

Here in Norway every family seems to have a Moccamaster. Very strong filter tradition here, we drink a ton of it, I grew up on it and drink it often especially visiting others. I have both a standard one in a closer and the Cup-One out (wife use it when I'm not at home).

I definitely prefer making a V60 if I have the time! (I make time). I agree they give different results but I can totally enjoy a Moccamaster brew with good beans, it's just not that same clean high extraction I'm used to from the V60 which I prefer with specialty beans ground on a great grinder.

I will probably drink Moccamaster this weekend and will pay extra attention to it. I'll bring my travel buddy SSP fitted Wilfa Uniform.

I was seriously tempted to buy the anniversary model, I think Hoffmann reviewed it?


Jeff001 (original poster)

#9: Post by Jeff001 (original poster) »

Great comments, I appreciate all the info and experiences. I went ahead and got a kettle and a plastic v60, I've only used it three times but I love it. Definitely very soft from the MM. Cleaner and brighter.

I thought I'd obsess over technique and wouldn't be able to enjoy pouring, but it's an incredibly satisfying experience. Watching the grounds puff up, the water flow, the steam coming off, knowing that you made that cup...it's a nice morning ritual


#10: Post by braxtonjens »

Very different animals.
The MM has superb thermal stability, albeit not able to change the water temp.
I've never been able to get such high slurry temp with a v60; glass, or plastic. Even hearing it up on top of my kettle before brewing.

I've had some amazingly clean and full cups of coffee with the MM.
v60 has a different mouthfeel, texture, and overall vibe to the cup. Lighter, clearer, more defined in particular flavors.

So yes, MM is more than capable with light of super light roast beans, especially light roasts since the slurry temp is so high.

I can do some recordings of slurry temps, but I don't remember them off the top of my head.
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