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Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.
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When I have time to relax and make a pour-over I use a Chemex almost always.
But usually I just want a fast cup and my One-cup Moccamaster never lets me down.
I admit that my pour-over technique is spotty. The Moccamaster is more consistent than I can ever be and most of the time it makes better coffee than I can manually.


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I recorded my morning brew's slurry temp on the MM , and the slurry temp was between 198F - 201F.
I believe my v60 brews can only get up to 190F, that's with preheating the plastic brewer and using 99C water from my stagg EKG +.

The V60 is so versatile, and fun, but the MM keeps working like a top, and once you get it dialed in, the coffee is excellent
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How much coffee and water did you use for that result? And do you do any fiddling with it while it's brewing?


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It was. Liter brew that I got that temperature reading from on the MM.

I use a "steep and release water first then coffee",
Riffing off the "Hoffman clever" video, I have the model that has a valve on the bottom of the basket that closes and opens as you put the carafe on the hot plate. I turn the MM on and fill the basket half way with water then I add my coffee, stir and turn machine off for a bloom.
Put the carafe back in to drain the bloom water in the basket, then I turn on the machine, and let it do it's thing.
When it's done with the water, I give the slurry a stir, and I pull the carafe out to stop the flow out of the basket, and I let the grounds settle for 30sec- minute then I put the pot back in to do the draw down.

Let me know if you have any questions.
“Coffee is always a good idea”
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