V60 one-piece decanter?

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Hey, I just bought a V60 (02), no decanter with it.

What is that thing I see James Hoffmann using when he says he's using a V60 02? It can't be a V60 02 because the V60 02 has a rim attached to it, and Hoffmann's almost always seems attached to a decanter. It has a black band around the middle. I thought maybe he had the V60 sitting on top of a decanter and a black band wrapped around where they connect, to hold them together, but that's not possible because the V60's wide brim would prevent that.

I went and Googled "V60 decanter," and this is what I found: https://www.amazon.com/Hario-Drip-Coffe ... B00755F9Z4

So, obviously my V60 is different from this V60, which seems to be one piece with the decanter. Is that right? If so, why do they call two very different gadgets the same thing?

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First, thanks for the link. I was having problems finding it for my gift list!

On "01" and "02", I believe he's referring to filter size. The 01, at least for me, is single-cup only and tight with 15/250 g/g. The 02 is more of a two-cup size that can also do a single cup.

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Nevermind, I see that what I'm looking at IS just the decanter.

Disregard this whole thread.

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I've had the decanter for a while now (before Hoffmann made it popular). I know you've figured out the issue but just to comment on the size of the plastic brewer that comes with it, it is marketed as 02 but it's actually a little smaller than a standard 02 but it has the same size of hole like the 02 unlike the 01 with a smaller sized hole. Hoffmann's recommendation for the 02 should hold with all 02s but the decanter brewer is slightly smaller.

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When I make a larger batch of coffee, I prefer the #3 decanter Hario https://www.amazon.com/Hario-Clear-Glas ... 23&sr=8-22 and the #3 V60 cone https://www.amazon.com/Hario-Plastic-Co ... 907&sr=8-1