V60 - changes to grind (EK43) and pulse from 01 to 02 size brewer

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I've always used a single cup V60 01 brewer for myself with good results, but recently bought an 02 so I can make 2 cups.

I'm not sure what changes to make on grind size and water pulses to get the best out of the 02.

for 01 I do the following
- EK43 Grind size ~9 on the 3FE dial = just over 5 on the standard dial
- 16g > 300g
- Bloom 32g for 45s
- 180g total pulse @ ~1m15s
- 300g total pulse @ ~1m45s
- around 2m and bit total brew time

moving to 02 with higher dose I'm expecting longer brew times, coarser grind, and different pulsing will be needed

For Chemex - 36g>580g and I grind with the EK to ~15 on the 3FE ~= 8 on the standard dial. bit stronger than single cup V60 but I thought I'd start there.

I had no idea about pulsing so kinda just gave it a go and kept topping up to help keep the charge temp up.
- EK to ~15 on the 3FE ~= 8 on the standard dial
- 36g > 580g
- bloom 70g for 45s (spin)
- 200g total pulse (spin)
- 350g pulse (tap)
- 580g pulse
~5m30s total brew time

the result was actually very tasty at 1.43 TDS (about 21% extraction) - pure luck on the 1st attempt!

any advice on what to do next please to improve things.

the brew time seems a bit long to me - not an issue but I was expecting more like 4 mins.

the v60 02 was very full of grinds compared to an 01, not sure if I should reduce the dose to 32g?

conscious that the number and size of pulses will alter draw down time, which will then also affect grind size.

Lots of variables to balance, would appreciate advice on dose, grind size, pulse size/timing.


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#2: Post by Milligan »

Having any luck with your dial in? I think I'd start by reducing your dose. 36g is getting up there for the 02. I typically stay around 30-32g. Going to 30g would likely reduce your brew time to more normal levels. Are you using off boil water or something lower? I go right off boil.

I found through my dial in process that the V60 likes finer grinds than I was expecting.

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dialing in just fine, I continued at 36g and had to go a bit coarser than I would for chemex - though in part that was due to starting to use the light roast Cafec papers as well.

using water just off the boil as well, and also keeping it warm between pulses.

Grind for the 02 is at around 15.6 on the 3FE dial, so a bit coarser than chemex.

all in all I'm pretty happy with things to be honest.

agree with you that it's at the strong end, but I'm enjoying it like that, in fact I had a go a upping my 01 dose from 16g to 18g today...very nice it was.

I might trim it back a bit to 34g though see how I get on. I'm really enjoying the 02 though