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I was watching April geeks out on brewing - Part 1 [VIDEO] and at a certain point Patrik Rolf mentions, among the cons of the V60, channeling. I cannot not find the point where he mentioned it but at 7:23 there is another part where he goes more in depth discussing the inconsistencies of the V60: Kalita Vs V60

Mt experience with pour over is only with the V60 so I cannot make comparisons, however I think that I am able to get very consistent results with the V60 and with the coffee we are drinking. I spin the Hario after every stage and end up with a very flat coffee bed. Total times are alway within +/- 5 seconds from each other with very rare exceptions. One was yesterday. I poured water from a higher distance and I ended up with a very uneven coffee bed in spite of the spins, and the pour ended about 20 seconds earlier than usual. I assume that is was a case of channeling and indicated by Rolf. But again, it was an exception.

Do you experience frequent channeling when using the V60? How do you detect or avoid it?
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I've found channeling at higher doses (e.g. 30g) to sometimes be an issue, but a couple quick pulses with a handheld frother immediately following the bloom pour is typically all it takes to avoid it.