Using temperature as the variable for pour-over

Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.
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A cafe owner and operator, on this forum, a few years ago, stated that he finds a grind size on a new coffee that brews a certain time in pour-over and then he stays with that grind settings, but changes water temperature depending on what he wants out of the coffee.

Over the past several months, after mostly doing off-boil water temperatures, I have tried lower temperatures, 92 to 96 C versus off-boil, at least once on all my new coffees. Lower temperatures usually make a smoother, richer with much less to no harshness, coffee - very material differences. Whereas grind changes, but all else equal, do not change a coffee as much to me. Therefore, I am thinking that strategy of temperatures being the main variable, would not only make brewing simpler, but would have more control.

Anyone do that? Anyone remember that discussion - have a link?

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I found thread, to which I was referring. It starts with this post: Finding balanced cup in pour over (V60).

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The darker the roast the cooler the water.