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Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.
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BariManilow wrote:Thanks for the information! You seem to be much better informed than the "expert" who gave the first date range (unless she has secret knowledge regarding some time-traveling metallurgist brothers from Italy that we are not privy to). :lol: (this is information I found on another site when researching my purchase)
All I have right now is the auction photos, as the pot is being shipped to me, so your guess is as good as mine regarding the gasket. My guess, from looking at the first picture, is that there is a badly worn gasket on the wrong side of the top screen. When buying the pot, I made a gamble on being able to find or modify a gasket to fit it; there are so few examples online, I didn't expect to find anyone making gaskets for this brand anymore.
I will post some more information when I have it in hand.
Never believe at the information on Catawiki. I usually read tons of bu*****t. Anyhow the Vampa is 1950 - 1960. :D
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I'll believe anything you say about caffettiere though :lol:
Using a spice grinder violates the Geneva Convention
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