Underfill a Bialetti Moka?

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Got a new 2-cup induction moka pot, which to my dismay has about a 50% smaller basket than the normal 3-cup model while having the same sized water chamber (~150ml). So to keep the brew ratio roughly the same (10:1), I would need to underfill the water chamber considerably. Anyone tried underfilling the water chamber before, and know what the results are likely to be? Will it brew properly? I know I could just test it out myself, but I'd rather reserve the opportunity to return it for a different size.


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It works. The temperature profile tends to be lower, which is often a good thing. Ultimately you'll need to dial it in by trial and error.

sympa (original poster)

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Thanks for the reassurance. And lower temps will do good things for my Neapolitan beans :twisted: