Turkish coffee

Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.

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In regards to the coveted 'foam' on Turkish coffee, it tastes like foam coffee grounds to me, not impressed. Am I my missing something here? Sure does not resemble espresso Crema. I brew with a ibrik . No stir during brew .


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I don't know that I would call it much coveted, it's simply foam that formes because of the fine particulate coffee. It's just a custom that you try and pour the cups evenly so that everybody gets foam and everybody gets sludge. Other than that, you use the foaming up for your temperature indication while brewing.... It's the focus of how you brew. It is not supposed to be like the crema of espresso.

It's how you do it, because it's how you do it. It's how they've done it traditionally for a long time. You could grind coarser and make cowboy coffee with no foam at all...... But then that wouldn't be Turkish /arabic coffee

Here's what everybody drinks in jordan... I spend a lot of time working over there and I drink this occasionally when I want to be nostalgic.

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Thanks for the reply. My Turkish or Arabic coffee is good, just been curious about what that foam is all about. I enjoyed coffee over there when I was in the Navy. The brand of coffee you mention is what I use or my home roasted beans. Thanks again for helping me.


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There is an hour long interview on you tube with Turgay Yildizli, the Specialty Turkish Coffee guy. It's a very interesting video. Within it he talks a little about the foam.

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Thank you :D