Traditional Aeropress Recipe

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#1: Post by nameisjoey »

How many like to brew with an aeropress using just the traditional recipe?

When I'm at work or on vacation I use espresso fine grind, fill to about 1.5 with water in the 180-190 degree range (about 30 seconds off boil and poured into the plunger for easy delicate pouring). Drinking the concentrated coffee is super good. It's dense, with good body, and incredibly flavorful. I can always taste all the flavor notes I should and usually a nice mellow acidity with a lot of sweetness. It's so much more smooth than espresso and yet so much more flavorful than brewed coffee.

I feel like I'm in the minority though considering how much people love using other recipes when brewing with the aeropress.


#2: Post by cpreston »

I tested longer infusions and various recipes, but finally went back to the original with only 10s stirring before pressing and using the original lower temperature range. I feel I get equal or better results then I did with other recipes, and it's faster.

I like it concentrated, but diluted to 6:1 or so. I'm very happy with the Aeropress for both light and dark roasts.

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#3: Post by AZRich »

A few months ago I pulled out my 12yr old blue Aeropress which had been unused for years, and am just loving it using basically the same as you both - cooler water (about 185f) filled partway (I go to '2'), short stir and plunge. Using 15g with kinda fine grind. Then I top up hot water in the mug to about 200g. This has almost entirely replaced my V60. Fast, easy, great coffee. I sold my pump espresso machine, and my robot is not getting any use.
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