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sbenyo (original poster)

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Thanks. Clogged basket or shower screen may be something to check. I just cleaned them and I'll try again.
I did notice that they puck is not as soapy as before and some pieces are kept stuck to the basket. I do use WDT.

I recently replace the handle to ECM naked. I used a different one before (also naked). I may also try going back to the other handle.


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On a naked portafilter you should detect clogged holes pretty fast though. But it doesn't hurt to check.

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sbenyo (original poster)

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Still struggling :(
I have a new batch. It's almost 2 weeks old. It's not only not losing crema but once I reduce grid, it even gets worse.
Too much crema again. Crema is not perfect, too dense. I am sure something is wrong. Can't put my finger on it yet. I will add a new video.

Tim M

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Looking at the photos of your mushroom it's hard to be sure if it's scale or corrosion. Easy test is to attempt to clean it with a scale removing product.

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sbenyo (original poster)

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You mean to clean the machine? Is it possible there is scale when using RO system after 1 year only?
It's very strange to me. I can't believe that after 1 year it will change behavior like this even if there is slight scale.

I want to see if anyone can explain it or have a similar experience.

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sbenyo (original poster)

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Checked again and the stains get off with my fingernail. I sprayed descaling material and it as good as new.
I still now sure why this is happening with water from RO system and rpavlis.

In any case does it have anything to do with the crema issue? Should I do descaling to the machine?

Tim M

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The scaling doesn't look excessive. Your conditioned water still has the ability to make scale because you're adding the solids to it.
It's anyone's guess why your machine is doing what you say. You'll have to either get it serviced or work through methodically to check everything is functioning properly. No leaks, no air ingress, nothing is blocked and so forth.


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Has anyone mentioned the grinder yet? If it's a commercial one burrs should last a long time, but if it's a home/lower end grinder some burrs might need replacement much sooner, maybe already after 2 years. If the temperature is too high you should have hissing/steam from the group. Turning off steam boiler shouldn't make a difference if it's a dual boiler.


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Sorry, missed that it was a Niche Zero, burrs should last a while with that one.


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Actually I think you're onto something. I've passed by this thread a few times with nothing of substance to add, but switching grinders to isolate whether the Niche is behaving differently would be useful. My very old, and not great conical produced way more fines as it aged, which would change the shot / pour over quality immensely.