Tips for brewing time with pre-ground coffee?

Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.

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I recently decided to try switching to caffeine free coffee for health reasons. The issue is that the grinder is full of normal coffee beans. Since i don't want to purge 2 shots of coffee every morning i decided to order pre-ground coffee (not my prefered choice, but best i could come up with). I found a website that takes the beans and grinds them before shipping, so its finer than usual supermarket pre-ground and is a lot fresher.

Problem is that it is to coarse and the brewing time is extremely short. Were talking 21 gram basket giving 63 grams (1:3) in 18 seconds. I already use WDT, wedge distribution and tamp as hard as i can. I know the best thing would be to adjust grind, but since i cant do that i was wondering if anyone had some tips that could help. Maybe spraying ground with water before blending with WDT, adjusting pre-brewing time on machine (1 sec standard), ill try anything.

I am completely out of ideas on how to fix this, all others say is "adjust grind size" :cry: . Thanks to all in advance! :D


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I really did not get your circumstance: did you give up caffeine for good, or - presumably - you want to brew decaffeinated coffee only in certain moments of the day, while maintaining the normal coffee in your grinder?

I have two useless answers:
a) buy a manual grinder, it's a purchase that lasts for a lifetime, and devote it to decaffeinated and some other occasional beans;
b) Use your pre-ground coffee in a Moka or a French Press.

I am in your same situation: I alternate decaffeinated and normal coffee, and I use a separate hand-grinder for decaffeinated, which I brew with a Moka. A Moka is fairly tolerant of grinding, your pre-ground coffee should work decently well with a Moka.


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I am new to the coffee hobby, so take anything I say with a grain of salt. :)

I attempted to do the same thing, having fresh beans pre-ground because I have a fancy grinder on order and wanted to make espresso in the meanwhile. Net result was really very poor coffee, with me trying several grinds (my local shop was willing to grind 12oz at a time), and just not getting anywhere. A $99 Normcore hand grinder, that will eventually end up on the shelf, saved the whole espresso plan and got me on track. I had no idea that grinding it all in advance at a slightly fixed grind size would have such a negative effect.