Timemore Black Mirror Plus 15 min Auto-Off

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Hi Does anyone have a set of these scales that could check something for me?

The specs for the Black Mirror Plus Scale says that if the timer is running & the weight hasn't changed then it will turn off after 15 minutes?
Does this mean if the weight is 0.0g & the timer is running it will turn off after 15 minutes or will it also turn off after 15 minutes if there is a weight registered on the scale that isn't changing & the timer is running.

I like to perform long immersion brew times of 20 minutes+ & don't want the timer to be turn off after 15 minutes



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Usually, the auto-off time is counted from the last weight change.

PartySausage (original poster)

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Hi. Thanks for the answer. I can't check for myself as i don't own a black mirror. I was considering buying one but wanted to ask about the auto off setting before I did.


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Just tested with my Timemore Black Mirror Basic 2021 edition. Can confirm, auto off 15 minutes after last weight change, not after start.

Please note that when doing pour overs, I experienced minimal changes in weight while water was dripping down (I wasn't adding any more water). Negligible in terms of result as all <0.5g in total, but this should already hinder the auto off (did not test since I do not pour that long).

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Hi Thanks for testing. I might order one & see how it goes & if it doesn't work out I can always return it