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Has anyone here brewed with both the technivorm for drip coffee as well as using a French press? I'm curious how the flavor profiles compare. I am not a big fan of the bright and fruity third wave coffees, I enjoy more classic roasted coffee flavor. I've heard technivorm is more suited for this vs a pourover. But I'm wondering if French press would give me a similar result at a much lower cost?


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I also am not a Third Wave fruity coffee fan. When a coffee descriptor says a bean tastes tea-like, I pass over that bean and drink tea.

For coffee, I have a Technivorm as well as French press and pour over (as well as a new Cremina I am working to master).

If you are looking for a rich mouthfeel, try the French Press first. I have Frieling presses in several sizes and use them for hot coffee for a small group or just me.
I break out the Technivorm only for entertaining larger groups. It has the richest mouth feel I have found in a drip machine, but not as much as a press. Moreover, the Technivorm takes up space and requires more cleaning than a press (besides $ considerations).

Paper filter pour over does not produce enough body. However, after much experimenting, I have found that a metal pour over filter can produce good results. I have a Zassenhaus filter and carafe, but there are other less expensive options that include only a metal filter.

Happy experimenting.

Sandyr10 (original poster)

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Thanks for the info! I'll try a French press first. The metal filter pourover also sounds interesting