Technivorm on a Timer?

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#1: Post by SJM »

Has anyone successfully put their Moccamaster Technivorm on a timer?

It's getting harder and harder to take care of all of the stuff that needs to be done before I can make coffee.
It would be so nice to have it ready when I first get up.
I know it would mean grinding the beans at night, but it might be worth it.

Team HB

#2: Post by ira »

I'd turn it on, unplug it, count to 10, and then plug it back in. If it starts making coffee than it should be fine on a timer. It's a pretty basic machine so I assume it should be fine on a timer.

SJM (original poster)

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I'll try it in the morning.....if I remember to set it up tonight that is :-)))


#4: Post by Milligan »

I tried it on my Technivorm. It stays on when unplugged, wait and plug back in. However, the Technivorm (newer models) does have a time-out function that turns off the hot plate after 40mins. Something to consider when setting up your timing.

SJM (original poster)

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My Technivorm doesn't have a hotplate, but I decided against the whole idea because I realized my thermal carafe wouldn't be warm enough in morning. I always fill it with hot water while I weight and grind beans, soak the filter, fill the reservoir.
Even so I have to put my half and half in the microwave before adding it to my coffee, so....yes, I've spoiled myself :-))))