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Just took delivery of a Moccamaster KBGV I had ordered. Was really excited to get it, but am feeling rather underwhelmed at the feel of it.

The plastic is cheap and thin feeling, the two switches feel like they will break within the year, the glass carafe is so thin I would imagine it will crack by sneezing on it. I suppose they did throw in 2 paper filters...

All this for $350... where were they hiding the accurate reviews about build quality? Feeling like a real sucker right now.


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This machine has been on the market in NL for decades, in virtually the same shape and with the same materials as far as I can tell. My parents in law used theirs for well over 25-30 years if I remember correct. I doubt that with normal usage it will break down anytime fast.

We also have a moccamaster which my wife usually uses. I like the design and brew temp is good. Water distribution sucks but the good thing is that you can take the lid off and gently stir a little so that you get a nice even coffee bed. I've made some good filter coffee with this machine that's not too far of Hario V60 filter coffee.

Overpriced, perhaps. Longevity - excellent. Quality of filter coffee - very good, but with a little help.

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I hope you are right about the longevity! Thank you for that.

I realize it is merely a drip maker and think I even have a handle on its limitations, but just expected for the price and reputation that the materials would feel a little less like a $10 toy.


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What BsDV said is 100% accurate. I have had one for about 8 years and it looks like I bought it last week. It makes good coffee, but it definitely needs some manual intervention in order to produce a cup that tastes 60% as good as a V60. If you want 100% set it and forget it, then you need the Ratio Six. I got one a few days ago and it has been a revelation. It actually makes coffee that tastes 90% as good as a V60. From what I understand it comes down to two things. The flat bottom basket and the bloom function. I have been doing pour over for years since I never felt like the Moccamaster could give me anything as good. Now with the Ratio I feel like I may use my V60 only when I want to get that last extra 10% from the beans. I still prefer the looks of the Moccamaster, but flavor in the cup the Ratio is in another league.

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Ha. It would appear I should really have posted this well before ordering the Moccamaster.

I will have to look into the Ratio Six. The other maker I was looking at was the Breville Precision... the Ratio Six kind of looks like it is halfway between that and the Moccamaster.


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I dropped the glass server of our ~15 years old Moccmaster on the concrete floor in our basement and it survived :shock:

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Wow! That is indeed impressive.

I truly hope that I am mistaken about all this, and time will tell I guess. My concern currently is the historical reputation of the product is allowing for recent changes that have made an inferior product... again, this is just based on the one I received and nothing else. I still have not used it as I just got it yesterday.


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What kind of bloom function is this? Is it a type of stop valve that stops water from pouring through the filter?

What I usually do - don't get me wrong, it shouldn't have to be this "complicated"- is start brewing without the pot underneath. Stop valve or anti drip valve or whatever it's called is now shut and then I let it bloom as well.

There used to be a model available that had a valve in the filter body as well, that could be shut. This was a more elegant solution I think and I would have liked that on our machine as well.

I like to think that I get closer then 60% of hario quality, but most of the time when I want a single big or 2 smaller cups of filter coffee I just make 500 ml hario.
It's just as fast and still better. Only when I want to make a larger quantity is when I use the Moccamaster.

My wife uses it all the time though. But she finishes a full pot by herself in the morning..


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I've had one for over a year. I did find the plastic to be cheap feeling when I first got it but it has held up great so far. My wife uses it everyday and it hasn't skipped a beat. I like how simple it is with very few parts. It disassembles for cleaning easily too. I've come to like the retro feeling of the plastics, metal housing, and glass carafe. It looks nice. I have a V60 that I use. $350 may seem expensive for what you get but they really are rock solid reliable and the company will be around decades from now with replacement parts available. That alone is worth a premium. I also appreciate it not having LCD screens and annoying lights.


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Milligan wrote:I also appreciate it not having LCD screens and annoying lights.