Taste n Learn: turbo shots, light roast edition.

Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.
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Particpation, insights & tips welcomed.

I will take up one entry with the coffee I have for this and my extractions of it over the duration of the bag. Maybe others will choose to test these highly extracting waters.

I am going to post about a coffee that should lend itself to exploration of a light roast and turbo shots. Especially if you have a coffee others have access to, please feel free to devote an entry to something similar. It's probably most useful if someone else may have experience with the same coffee. I mean if no one else has tried the coffee you are drinking they would have no comment to make about it specifically. This is one of many reasons I haven't tried this with one of my light roasts.

When I first thought of doing this months ago, it seemed like a great HB community exercise, but - although it isn't in individual threads - there is quite a lot to read already if one searches turbo shots. Recently, Jeff (on Team HB) linked the 2020 March article here. {thanks Jeff!}
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aromas remain enticing, and I intrigued, ah coffee!

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Chert (original poster)

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At Narrative Coffee in Bellingham WA (great shop, by the way) I picked up this bag of Manhattan Coffee Roasters Nestor Lasso, origin Colombia Pitalito el Diviso, which on my Tonino scores 127 ( the light side of cinnamon), roast date 7 Sept, the bag has a label FILTER.

The roaster indicates that notes of raspberry, rose and shortbread are to be found in cups of it.

Sept 17: My first extraction before diving into espresso over the next few days and weeks (yes, I am curious what resting will do) was an aeropress.

The bag hit of beans aroma suggested a light roast with not much aromatics or fruit to offer, and I did not get much from today's grounds fragrance either. Not obviously under developed to my palate, but suggesting I might find it so. (roasts a bit further along often award the sniffer when the bag is cut open with much joy)

I use my EG-1 Boyt enterprises burrset. Aeropress upright, 15 grams ground coffee (7 numbers from bind ground setting) 30 mLbloom 98C water, 210 mL at 30 sec slow pour, stir at 80 secs, slow plunge 2:00-2:30.

After my first impressions of the beans and ground coffee, I was very pleased to experience the flavors of rose character and raspberry in the flavors of that cup. They held up and - maybe intensified - in the cooling cup. My partner tasted also and for her the raspberry was more prominent than rose and she also wasn't excited by the fragrance of freshly opened bag or grounds. I did not get shortbread but more of a pleasant tea-like astringency as a third impression.

Sept 18: first extraction at 6 bar, fast.. Too fast for a proper turbo shot. EG-1 1 number coarser than my usual. Result of 15g:45 ml 12 sec total shot time. Turbo shots are even messier when dialed too coarse. Again, my wife tried a sip of the brew: "Wow. It's like you added lime juice to your coffee." The rose and redfruit notes were there, but puckery.

Sept 19: gusher shot. raspberry rose water. This coffee is very nice and interesting. I moved the grind 1/2 number finer. Before tomorrow morning I will study the methods in this paper Jeff linked.

Sept 20: I'm adjusting my Decent profile for this exercise. Todays shot was 20 sec 15:50. More rose-raspberry goodness!

Sept 25: 18 days post roast, today's 23 sec 15:45 shot was more muted and brought spice to mind among the rose and red fruit. Still quite pleasant. I think my palate is off though so maybe it's not fade that I'm tasting. I'm finding these 15 g turbo shots enjoyable so for my second espresso I used the same profile for Daterra anaerobic aramosa Victor, to very good effect. I am pleased to be exploring these extractions.
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aromas remain enticing, and I intrigued, ah coffee!