Suggestions for iced coffee recipe?

Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.

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Summer is here (woo hoo!) and sometimes hot coffee isn't the best choice. Does anyone care to share an iced coffee concentrate recipe... a favorite coffee, brewing method, proportions, length of storage in the reefer? Happy summers, all! :wink:

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As with hot coffee, I think a favorite iced coffee is really going to depend on the person drinking it. As for a method, I use my AeroPress. I just throw a couple of ice cubes into the concentrate, then add cold water that I keep in the fridge.


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Many people recommend brewing a stronger concentration directly over ice to capture the freshness of the brew.

In the 6/19 Terrior Coffee Newsletter email, George Howell gives brewing instructions using a Technivorm with the following proportions:

Coffee 102 g
Water 25 fl oz
Ice 480 g

Brew directly over ice and serve in chilled glasses filled with ice.

I just made a batch in a Chemex using roughly the same proportions (coffee is Intelligentsia Itzamna Guatemala). Very tasty. My numbers:

Coffee 40 g
Water 10 oz
Ice 196 g

According to Howell -

"The iced coffee flavor profile is completely different than the same coffee served hot. These are naturally sweet, thirst quenching drinks. We especially recommend coffees with more pronounced clean fruit flavors, such as our Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, our great Kenyas, Colombians and the La Minita - for ICED Coffee. "

I agree - some of the best iced coffees I have had were from African coffees with pronounced fruit profiles.

Good luck brewing!

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I've been doing iced coffee for a few weeks now. My method has been to pull a shot of my usual espresso blend and mix it with a spoonful of sugar and about an ounce of milk or cream. Serve it in a tall glass of ice. Delicious and refreshing!

It tastes very similar to a Vietnamese Iced Coffee. They use equal parts coffee and sweetened condensed milk, but I haven't picked any up yet.
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Bookbear (original poster)

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Thanks for the tips! Just what I was looking for. 8)


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One other tip . . .

Long before I ever owned an espresso machine, I would just brew "regular" drip coffee using a Chemex/Melita -- BUT I would then use that coffee to fill an ice cube tray! I often would do this at night before going to bed. Then, I'd brew a second pot the next morning, pour that into a pitcher and place the pitcher in the refrigerator. Obviously the "coffee ice cubes" would not dilute the iced coffee, and . . .
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I think that they way we do these iced coffees to greece is completely different with other countries. The result is also very different and the taste is much better.

FREDO cappuccino

You first shot a double espresso
You shake-(mixer-frother) this espresso with as much sugar you want . 1-2 sec(not required)
You shake the espresso then with an ice cube . 3-4 sec
You break ice ( like mojito ) and fill a water glass to half
You pour this mixture to the tall glass
You put in a shaker 1-2 icecubes and 300-350 ml zero fat milk
You shake this for 2-3 min to make foam milk (cold)
You pour this until to fill the glass

Thats a fredo cappuccino
When i say shake i mean with this : an electrical shaker like this [ ... re=related ] , with this you can make frape (iced coffee),you call it frother-mixer.If you make this with a classic shaker(martini) the texture of the espresso or the milk is completely different,its not what we want.

Thats the way we make fredo cappuccino. The fredo espresso is the same concept without the frothed milk. Italians make also fredo with another way that i dont know and we have also some other kind of fredos except this.

here is some more greek videos [ ]
[ ... re=related ]

I am waiting your questions

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Randy G.

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We just did iced coffee for the first time using the Vibiemme DS:

I put three ice cubes into each of our Bodum coffee cups (borosilicate) and filled them about 3/4's full of cold Brita water from our fridge pitcher. Pulled a double into a separate demi and poured the espresso into the cold water...
It was rich and delicious right to the bottom of the cup.
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djmarc1200 wrote:I just made a batch in a Chemex using roughly the same proportions [as George Howell's Technivorm instructions from 6/19/09 Terrior Coffee Newsletter] My numbers:

Coffee 40 g
Water 10 oz
Ice 196 g

I just made a batch of Chemex iced coffee following your numbers with Barefoot Coffee Roaster's El Salvador San Jose Rosa and surprised my wife with it. We haven't been drinking iced coffee this year at all and today we were feeling particularly hot, sleepy, and lazy after a morning breakfast of bad coffee and donuts followed by Arcade Mania at Golfland with the kids and a nice lunch at Olive Garden, we were napping when her mother-in-law came by and roused us.

My wife was pleasantly surprised by the iced coffee and I thought that it retained the citrus acidity of the coffee where a cold process would probably have subdued this. This is a recipe that I plan to use again, but I may double it. The batch left me craving more and the water poured through a little fast (in three to four minutes) because of the lower volume water.

Thanks for passing this along.

(it was nice to be able to find your recipe from my phone's browser and prepare the coffee without firing up a laptop)

Update: I ended up making two batches of Iced Coffee today, one for a trip to the park and a second to take to the movies last night (we saw Machete). The movie was exciting enough that we didn't need the iced coffee to stay awake, but I sure enjoyed it (the coffee and the movie).

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Iced coffee recipes? I didn't think I needed one. I've been using the morning coffee that was left in the Thermos and just tossed in a bunch of ice cubes. The iced version tasted better than the four hour stale coffee.