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Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.

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If you already have some, be sure to give it a try.
Just to add a bit - here is how I came to respect the uses of silicone. I service laboratory instruments, and there was a specific instrument that used a glass syringe (1 ml) with an elastomer based plunger. In this particular instrument it is used for repeated dispenses of relatively small amounts of liquid, and it is critical that this be done in a controlled fashion (ie very gently with a smooth start every time). At some stage there was a problem that after lots of troubleshooting turned out to be related to a sticky syringe. It also needed a lot of pressure to move, and then moved with jerks, very erratic. Of course replacing the syringe would sort it, but the manufacturer then advised that I disassemble the syringe, and apply a very thin coat of silicone oil to the plunger. Thin, as in I sprayed some pure silicone oil on a bit of lab tissue and wiped the outside of the plunger with that. It really just left a shine. Immediately, there was a marked improvement, but the effect lasted months. I actually worked it into maintenance, and repeated that during every 3- or 6-monthly maintenance cycle, until eventually they moved to a teflon plunger. The liquid dispensed was a type of saline solution, so it wasn't soapy, but I was amazed that the effect of the silicone lasted so long.
So, not directly related to coffee, but related to chemistry...and isn't that kind of the same thing? :D

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Thanks for the story. I know to use the grease very, very sparingly on the silicone seal of my espresso machine. Just barely enough to coat the surface.

That said, the elastomer seals are porous to coffee oil. Could they possibly absorb the silicone grease as well?

I think I will buy another Aeropress seal when I get ready to start traveling again, whenever that is, hopefully before the end of 2022. Until then I'll try to keep my Aeropress working with just a bit of grease.