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asking here since r/Coffee has gotten insane with deleting EVERY question under the sun

I got a Stagg EKG kettle for my birthday as a treat to myself as I wanted something other than a cheapo stove top gooseneck.

well, got it in a few days back, went and boiled a pot, turned it off, and suddenly it won't turn on at ALL... I had to plug it back in to get it to work. Tried again, turned it off.... the button wouldn't work to turn it off. Finally it turned off. I made my second cup of coffee for the day and it wouldn't turn on. It took 10-12 pushes of the power button before it finally turned on. Turned it off, and my wife yelled at me to make her a cup. So i went to turn it back on... nothing. Had to unplug it and plug it back in... then the button STILL wouldn't work (the fellow symbol lit up when I plugged it back in, but wouldn't turn the pot on when I attempted to. I had to plug it in AGAIN and then it finally worked.)...

repeat this for 3 days straight. It's as if the buttons will only work on random pushes, sometimes taking 3-10 pushes for it to work, other times starting or turning off at 1 push (very rarely so far).

Is this thing known for having a cool down timer where you can't turn it off then on immediately? and am I just pressing the buttons wrong or did I get a glitched base?. I like the pot itself, I like the concept, but if this is a $129-$159 pot I'll eat my hat based upon my experience so far. (or I just got a fubared kettle off the bat)...just seeing if this is common, or I'm doing something wrong. It just says a single press to turn off or on.

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Mine turns on with one push, off with another. Yours sounds broken, I'd send it back.

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yeah, I ended up talking with CS.... they advised me to return it since they don't honor the warranty being that it was bought at costco. Dissapointing and I guess not super uncommon from googling around.