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Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.

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Dav wrote:I disagree, I feel like subjective/objective experience with the coffee brewed from these burrs is relevant and fits the spirit of the thread. Especially considering this is the "brewing" subforum.
I guess I could buy into that if anything had actually been said about the burrs or the subjective/objective experience with said burrs. That would be interesting. But all I've been able to pick up on is a discussion of TDS given different brewing techniques. I don't even know if he likes them or hates them. As far as I can tell we could be talking about any generic burrs.


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I think it is helpful to summarize the different types of 98mm burrs that I have gathered into a single post for ease of future reference and to avoid/clarify any confusion there may be. The below commentaries are excerpts from community feedback as I have only tasted LU/Brew burrs. All of the qualitative commentaries are likely referring to only slight shifts in tasting notes as all burrs are very quality

EK burrs:
Pre-2015 burrs: seems to be the GOAT filter burr for 98mm burrs in terms of the combination of clarity & complexity, hard to come by
Post-2015 burrs: good filter burr but less transparent/clear compared to pre-2015, dominant sweetness

High uniformity: normally used for espresso but also works for brew, greater chance to be thin/hollow-tasting and hit or miss for filter
Low uniformity: more suitable for brew than HU, sweeter and more complexity but not enough clarity compared to pre-2015 burr. Personally, I find the burr set to be very good for brew, it is clear enough and has plenty of layering/structure/sweetness
Ultra low: advertised for brew/cupping, but based on community feedback it seems otherwise, taste is more blended and not as much clarity as HU or LU
Cast: Praised for filter but doesn't compare to pre-2015 burrs, more fines and less transparent than pre-2015 EK burrs
New EK reground to old EK geometry: also a contender of old EK, but might lack a bit of clarity as it seems to create more fines than the original (info from German forums). Limited reviews. Frank from titus said new EK reground won't work for espresso

Titus (does their own Zrn coating for 98mm burrs):
Brew burr: new 2021 burr set, geometry basically is a combination of high uniformity for inside + pre-2015 EK finishing section. Now also available from SSP, so far seems to be one of the closest contenders of pre-2015 EK burrs. Personally, I find the burr to be very transparent but slightly difficult to dial-in especially if you prefer switching between different beans. The burr set brand new also tends to taste under-extracted with a lot of acidity and can be over extracting/taste bitter with very little adjustment to the grind setting (perhaps due to channeling?). Once reasonably seasoned and dialed in, the brew burr set is really great for filter. And now I no longer need to constantly adjust for grind setting. Compared to LU, I feel it may have slightly less sweetness but more vibrant acidity (didn't AB test, and burr is not completely seasoned), but notes are clearer and the layering/structure of a cup is better presented

For some of the above-mentioned burrs, based on community feedback, in terms of similarity to pre-2015 burrs and suitability for brew, ranked as below:
Brew > Cast > Low > High >= Ultra low; Old EK > New EK reground to old EK & Post-2015 burrs
Don't quote me on the above rankings as I have no experience in these burrs, the rankings are very subjective to users, and I only presented the commentaries I have found so far.


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Nice, that's a helpful compilation!


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I finally got a VST refractometer and what amazed me is that I actually have been under-extracting the whole time on P100 (originally used brew burr Ultra but no longer with the unit). I felt 1 min 30 secs is reasonable for using only 10 grams of water but instead, I am getting sub 20% extraction, always. As a result, I have been reducing grind size significantly and increased the brew ratio to 1:17, however, the extraction only increased moderately, the relationship is close to linear.

This was an interesting finding, as the brew to me already tastes very nice and balanced, and now I am wondering what more I can achieve with finer grind. Right now the grind size is already very tiny, as the recommended grind dial is above 6 for filter coffee but I am already going to explore sub 4 for brew burr (while using lowest Rpm).

It also depends on the bean I am using and the time I measure extraction, as for most of the brew I try to measure the brew once it cools down somewhat to a drinkable level, as I found tds x brew water is not the same depending on brew temp. Usually, tds x max brew water (sample taken before evaporation) shows a low extraction compared to when measured once sample taken from cooled down brew water. Even when reduced brew weight is taken into account.


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I've always found it challenging to get a high extraction with a small dose. A 10g dose is really small. That could be part of the issue.


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Uploaded a video of my V60 pourover with these burrs, with the melodrip for the final pour. For a lot of beans I do Kono which is takes longer because of longer bloom. But both methods, and Kalita, taste very balanced, clean and well extracted and I enjoy them all.

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Does anyone know if SSP will make a 64mm version of these burrs?