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Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.

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What brand of filter are those "FAST"?


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Probably Sibarist. And I agree you're probably under extracting with such a quick draw down. Also those papers let a lot of the coffee oils into the cup which is fine, if that's what you like, but I find they often result in a muddier brew.

If you have good technique, with good burrs, which these should be, assuming your grinder is well aligned you shouldn't really risk clogging with normal filters and you'll get better extraction with longer contact time. My brews take about 5 minutes typically in a stagg x and they usually extract between 21 - 22% with no astringency (depending on the roast of course).


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I see. I am only using 12.5g of coffee so I think sub 2min is quite normal. and yeah the fast filter is made by Sibarist. And I agree, Hario tastes a bit cleaner and more rounded than fast filter, but it's interesting to test coffee using fast filter with a finer grind setting.

An update on the brew. I recently grounded about a pound to season the burr and the taste are becoming more doable. Slightly lowering the grind setting and slowing down the pour flow seems to have helped. Will switch up filter paper too to see if the results get better.

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Has anyone compared the 98mm Brew Burrs with the KafaTek Coarse Burrs?


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If somebody actually does that and happens to do it in Berlin Germany, I happily carry my EK through the city to throw EK A-burrs in the mix :)


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By the way I have been getting good results with Aeropress with these burrs for the beans that feel a little lacking as pourover. Haven't been doing regular AP besides travel in years, and some Gagnépress experiments.

I have been using the 1 min steep + up to 1 min press Wendelboe recipe but with Aesir filter and Prismo. But it should work the stock way as well, grinding a little finer than pourover. Good clarity actually, and a little more flavor and body than the pourovers, maybe because of the shorter ratio, althouh it doesn't taste like lowering ratio with pourover.

Have also been having decent results with Melodrip over Aeropress as no bypass like tricolate brews, but haven't feel I have nailed it 100% in every way yet, usually off in some way, but the best ones are sweet and clear and can have longer ratio than porover. It also a takes a little longer, especially with some beans.


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Thank you for sharing!
Did you ever try no bypass methods with a Kono, StaggX or similar like Lance's recipe here?
And did you maybe try the April brewer with its original recipe as kind of the antithesis to nobypass?


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coffeeOnTheBrain wrote:Thank you for sharing!
Did you ever try no bypass methods with a Kono, StaggX or similar like Lance's recipe here?

And did you maybe try the April brewer with its original recipe as kind of the antithesis to nobypass?
I do like Kono, used it today, I have the big and small one both with the shortest ribs (also those have plastic that don't develop cracks) and use Hedrick's two recipes for them. Not all coffees handle well the bumped up extraction from it, so then I resort to regular V60. At times with Lilydrip for the bigger brews. At times with Melodrip for the last part of the brews (opposite of their recommendation heh).

I haven't tried April's brewer or their recipe, I have the Kalita metal drippers and use them on occation but they haven't become my main brewer. I sometimes change brewers with some beans as I know sort of what difference to expect to help with the presentation.


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Thank you!
I feel that Lance's recipe for the Kono with "double bloom" until 2 minutes gives a lot of body maintaining fruity notes better than any other method I know with that much body. Do the 98 brew burrs change or add anything to that in your opinion?
Kind of contrary to that the April brew method keeps measurable extraction quite low but extracts fruity notes and floral noted even better in my opinion. It would be great to know if the brew burrs add anything here as well?
If you would like to try the Kalita probably works well for the recipe too. There is the recipe at 5:13 in the video:


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PS: the reason I am asking is that I feel that my EK A-burrs beat my Comandante with any coffee and any brew recipe. And I enjoy them a lot for how they present any coffee, giving them body, texture, and fruity flavors at the same time.
However when it comes to the April recipe or Lance's Kono double bloom recipe I prefer the Comandante. That might be just my taste or that these recipes don't pair well with the otherwise godly A-burrs. I am interested in the effects of the brew burrs for very different reasons.
I would expect that the 98 brew burrs producing a very clean cup work well with the Kono recipe. Lance himself favors the 64mm SSP V1 brew burrs I believe. I would expect the 98mm brew burrs to outperform them.
For the April recipe I am not so sure why I prefer my Comandante and actually my 807 Lab Sweet, maybe just fir their ability to provide great very coarse grinds. Producing grinds coarser than for V60 is a weak point of the A-burrs in my mind.
Anyhow I would be interested how the 98mm SSP brew burrs handle the 2 recipes.