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Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.

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Has anyone used the combination of Titus brew burrs + P100 grinder noticed any problem with ground evcaution? As mentioned by one user, the deepest cuts of the brew burr fell below the rim of P100, which may lead to ground evacuation problems I suppose (but with high rpm at the end to evacuate all grounds wondering if it will actually be an issue or not). A picture of the burrset height would be very helpful.


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saamyjoon wrote:Interesting, that makes sense. I'm finding I'm using about the same grind settings as well.

What kind of final draw down times are you seeing with the Kono+double bloom recipe? I'm getting in the ~4:05-~4:40 range for most brews.
Sounds about right, I've had a little slower brews than that too with certain beans.


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Any updates on how these burrs are performing from those that have tried them?

Hopefully some more folks have their hands on them by this point.

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I have tried several burrs now on EK.

For me the Brewing are by far the best choice for Filter.

Also very good are reshaped MK Pre15 burrs (original A burrs from Mahlkönig. Reshaped and coated by SSP. Same geometry.
Aftertaste less sweet. And grindsetting coarser than Brewings.

Also nice are MK Post15 (B burrs) reshaped and coated to Pre15 by SSP. Not as good as the reshaped originals Pre15 (A burrs). Slightly more bitterness.

Espresso possible with all of them. Also with Brewing but almost touching burrs.


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I have a set of MK pre15 (A) burrs in my grinder now. In your opinion, are the new brew burrs different enough to warrant a purchase?

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It depends always on personal preferencies.

In my case. Yes, it is absolutely woth.

When I got pre15 A burrs, I was surprised how good they perform. I wanted to drink coffee all day.

6mth later. When I got Brewing, it was a blast.... Clean, sweet, harmonic, balanced, analytic and an extremly long lasting aftertaste... I had to drink pour over all day long...

I did align my two EK perfectly by my own. New bearings. Titus-BC.
Both perform same.
Direct comparism.
Blind cuppings with friends.
Exchanged setup to be very sure.

Brewing burrs are unbelivably good.

That's my experience.


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I think you convinced me. Thank you!

By chance, have you ever tried the SSP cast burrs? If so, thoughts vs the others? Thanks again.

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At this time I had a 804 LabSweet for filter and HU burrs in the EK for espresso.

I sent the original Post15 to SSP for reshaping and coating.
I received the cast burrs geometry on post15 burrs (B burrs).

Compared to LabSweet, the fruity coffees out of my cast burrs (reshaped B burrs) were much better. The tealike coffees were much better out of LabSweet.

From description the original Cast Burrs did behave very similar to my reshaped ones. Grind size, antistatic, taste... So I guess the difference between original cast and reshaped is very small.

When I got new original pre15 (was a big luck).... I sold my LabSweet and my reshaped Casts. Within a short time.
I liked almost all coffees out of Pre15 same or better than on Cast or LabSweet.
Thats a year ago now.

I did hesitate on Brewing burrs. I mean... what could be better out of an EK?
Well... to me personaly Brewing are a blast. I got adicted to.
Brewing coffee is not as gentle and nice colored as original Pre15 coffee.
Brewings are honest, straight unfiltered, extremly clean. They show the potential of the coffee in a new perspective.

Just my 2 cents

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I mean. All this burrs are good.
For me the Brewing burrs act like very honest amplifiers.
Shows you all out of your coffees. Roast style and taste. All the good and also the bad sides 8)


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Any insights from those that are using these burrs in a variable speed grinder what differences high vs low RPM are making in taste?