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Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.

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ohhboooyy wrote:guys, thanks so much for sharing your experience. I have the chance to swap my SSP HU against the SSP Cast to test a few weeks so I will go for this option. I also agree with eiern that its very expensive now for sending burrs to hansung to change geometry. I had the possibility to purchase MK pre2015 (for linseed/flaxseed) and send them to hansung to change geometry. but with 300 usd + delivery cost + cost of second hand burrs its not worth the effort anymore in my opinion.
FWIW if you still have a chance to get them, you wouldn't need to send to hansang to convert linseed burrs to coffee burrs so long as the linseeds are an "A" casting because they already have the same angle as the old coffee burr, all that takes is a surface grinder to mill the linseed burr depth down to the coffee burr's depth. Machine shop with a quality surface grinder could handle that job pretty easily and be cheaper

The other burrs (new coffee, turkish, etc) would need a geometry change.


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how would one go about getting a grind distribution sample test done?

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Hansung has sent info on the difference between ssp pre2015 and brewing burr and how he describes them versus the original pre2015.