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Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.

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I've been meaning to throw in my personal experience with SSP Brew and original pre-2015 MK burr, especially because my experience doesn't necessarily mirror the thoughts posted on this thread, as well as others.

SSP Brew is what I am currently using, and they are fantastic. I am very satisfied with the clarity and balance I am getting out of any coffee I throw at them. Even coffees that I would consider more difficult to work with. SSP brew definitely produces more fines than Pre-2015 MK and I detect a little bit more of a syrupy sweetness in coffees, but it does not take away from brews in the way that I sometimes felt the lab sweet would. One slightly annoying fact compared to the MK pre-2015, is that the range of grind sizes I would be working with for just one styling of brewing is pretty large, making it a little harder to know where to start when you are dialing in a new coffee. I would strongly recommend using a refractometer with these burrs. It takes a little time to find where the optimal grind range lies, and it can be deceptive to find because you can get pretty good tasting brews at almost anywhere on the dial. Very forgiving in my opinion.

I actually found the Pre-2015 MK burrs to be more transparent and delicate. So much so, that I was using a 15-1 ratio in order to get a bit more out of coffees. I found this burr to be a super clear representation of coffees without any "hype", so to speak. I feel like the EK burr would be akin to reference monitors, and SSP brew like speakers that are more tailored to sound good. one really nice aspect of this burr is that 80% of all coffees dial in at the same grind setting + or - one tick. Ethiopians are at a decently coarser range. It was just really easy to use because of that. part of me wants to go back to the Pre-2015 MK, but I am torn. I'll probably end up selling one of them.

I based my purchase of both burr sets on opinions mainly on this forum, which is all I had to work with. Anyone else might come up with a totally different conclusion than I had, because that is exactly what happened to me. The bottom line for me is that these are both fantastic burrs for brewed coffee (mainly pourover, I actually did not like SSP brew for large batch brews at all). They are both pretty different, although they share the same core basics as far as burr geometry. Also, I strongly disagree that SSP Brew is better than Pre-2015 MK. They are both pretty different, and both achieve certain results that the other could not!

Hopefully all of this makes sense, I really don't feel like proof reading at this time lol

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Totally opposite from my experiences.

I did a lot of blind comparism also with friends. Different burrs, grinders and roasts.

The result is/was always the same: As more as it comes to light roasted, high quality beans (especially competition coffee), the Brewings show a far higher complexity in the cup than others.

With my 804 Lab Sweet, I had very pleasant cups when it came to tealike coffees. Berry's were always hidden compared to EK.

On the other hand. To ne very honest - and in a way it makes sense. Brewing can show you very unpleasant cups, when coffee has a defect or when it is roasted to dark.
With original MK Pre15 I always had nice cups. Always. But never as transparent, clean and complex as Brewing.

The inner part of Brewing is same as HU. Pre break section.
The outer part of Brewing is same as MK Pre15. Just far more precise I guess.

But hey. Very nice to read about different experiences! That what makes it so interesting.


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guys, thanks so much for sharing your experience. I have the chance to swap my SSP HU against the SSP Cast to test a few weeks so I will go for this option. I also agree with eiern that its very expensive now for sending burrs to hansung to change geometry. I had the possibility to purchase MK pre2015 (for linseed/flaxseed) and send them to hansung to change geometry. but with 300 usd + delivery cost + cost of second hand burrs its not worth the effort anymore in my opinion.


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Yea, it's definitely interesting to hear about others experiences. I will say that I was never able to actually compare these burrs side by side, which is kind of a big disadvantage, so take that into account. I did spend months with each burr set separately though.

Just to clarify, I don't feel like either burr set is more or less complex, and maybe clarity is not the right word either! Maybe a better way to explain it is that it's a different presentation. With both burrs, I feel like all that's available to taste is present. I don't do a lot of cupping, but I would say that the pre-2015 mk burr is probably more similar to what you would taste on the cupping table. The brew burrs are kind of more vibrant. Pre 2015 mk is more tea like and delicate.

I honestly do like both a lot. I mainly wanted to represent that the brew burr is not identical to pre-2015, and a little better. Probably you will prefer one or the other, but they simply present coffees differently. It's best to try both!! :mrgreen:


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Small addition, it might be that both of you are correct. But as far as I know SSP is sometimes changing the Burrs a bit, so there might be differences in between Brew Burrs from 2021 and 2022.


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Very true! I wasn't thinking about that


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I was finally able to trade my HUs for the "Cast" Burrs from Titus. Or at least I was told they are the Cast burrs ;-) Here you can see the geometry:

I was just able to make one brew which was under-extracted but I get the potential. I can grind much finer which is a good sign for me that there are more boulders ("0" on the display is just slightly before chirping) in comparison with the standard MK burrs and with the HU burrs. So I think I will be able to agree on the other experiences that the Cast gives much more transparentness and clearness in the cup. But I need to really increase extraction.

While I was waiting for the Cast burrs I installed my MK standard burrs again and oh boy the body is killing me...Too heavy. It is a good brew don't get me wrong but far away from the right direction I want to go with light roasts.


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Those don't look anything like my SSP cast burrs.


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hm, jeah, just checked again, they look more similar to the brew burrs from the first post.

Brew Burrs


ill ask the previews owner again.

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Lol. Definitely not the Cast Burrs. They're Brewing. But in all my testings, Brewing have been superior to the Cast. I have both.