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Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.

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EvanOz85 wrote:Can someone tell me where these burrs are being sold? I cant find them anywhere.
Bought my set from Titus, same burr different coating and they say they check every burr before they sell them. Can be bought from SSP but via mail, they're not on the webshop menu. Some have also ordered them with their Lagom P100 (extra fee).

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For the 98mm brew burrs, Titus/Frank's ZrN (zirconiumnitrid) coating is used because it has the least retention? His IG told me this but am I missing anything?


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Eiern wrote:My set arrived tonight. Seasoning as we speak.image

Where do you get those pins from to help get the burrs in center?


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jley08 wrote: Where do you get those pins from to help get the burrs in center?
I buy three sets of feeler gauges and take them off the tools (they're all held together in a 'fan' system with a screw)

By the way I installed a set of LU burrs on loan from a friend in my P100 yesterday so I have yet another 98mm set next to the Brew burrs in my EK to compare side by side.


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Just to clarify from a previous reply, it seems like the Titus Brew burrs don't seat exactly on the P100 burr holder? I am vacillating between the Titus Nautilus and the P100, but would prefer to have the P100 and get a set of either the SSP Cast or Brew burrs.


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I bought my Brew set from Titus and have used it in my P100 no problems but that the fallout is a little too deep for the stationary burr holder so it needs a shim to be perfect. If you order P100 with Brew ($50 extra I think and SSP not Titus coated) they will come mounted with the shims if needed.

This is outfall below P100 static carrier without the ring shim.

No problems without shim for the rotating carrier:

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Should have a P100 with the Brewing burrs by mid-late January. Very interested to see how it compares to my SLM Max for pourovers and turbo shots.


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I can't remember if I have stated it clearly, but most of my impressions in this thread is for the Brew burrs mounted in the EK43S (Titus carrier).

I recently switched them over in my P100 (have done it briefly before) and I actually like them better in the EK.

In the P100 they are so clean that they can feel weak/hollow/lacking at times with some beans, with the right beans and everything works out it's very good of coarse.

I also tried higher RPM with P100 matching EKs 1400 RPM (that's for 230V models) and while they changed the result a little they still didn't taste like when in the EK, which had vertical orientation and a prepreaking auger that crush some of the brans before they reach the burrs prebreakers.

In the EK Brew is a little more blended and complex, not as ultra clear but works in general better with most beans for me. Some are happy with Brew in P100 though, but I think I actually prefer LU or ULF with the P100 personally. I actually find ULF in P100 at low speed is similar (not identical) to Brew in P100, while if I tried LU or ULF in EK it got too blended/complex/muddy for me.

Very happy with Brew in EK for pourover and not looking to switch!

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How strange. The general consensus on pre-breakers is that they actually increase clarity. I wonder if something else is going on here.