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With favourite blend, 80:20, full city roast. I pull decent single shots, 9.5g.

But now I have 100% arabica, Brasil, full city and I have not been able to pull a decent single. On my usual grind settings its too fine - it only drips, barelt. On a coarser it is channeling as hell. If I go a little finer, it is too slow and overextracted.

I feel like there is no good grinder setting for this coffee. I tried higher amount (10g) and coarser grind or lower amount (8-8.5g) and finer but to no avail.

Now I tried a double bsaket with 16g and it was fine.

Whats wrong? My machine? My grinder? Myself? :D

Setup: NS Musica, Mahlkonig Vario Home

P.s. with light roasted arabicas I struggle even more - the grind is not fine enough even on the 1A setting...

Do I have to simply do doubles? Or buy better grinder/machine so I can pull decent 9.5g singles?

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Pulling shots on a 54/58 mm machine with less than around 12-14 g of coffee is very challenging, even with classic roasts and blends. Throwing medium or lighter roasts on top of that puts you even farther from the easy zone.

For one (of many) threads on what works for some for 7-ish g shots, see 7 gram single shot?? Mission impossible!

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Thanks for pointing me to the thread. Very helpful.