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Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.

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I have a December Dripper which is like a Kalita 185 except it has adjustments from 3 small holes in bottom, 6 holes and 9 holes. I methodically tested results at the slowest to fastest discharge, optimizing the grind size at each discharge setting. My best results (personal preference) were at the slowest (3 hole) setting. Brew time was 2:45-3:00 for 330 grams water and 22 grams coffee. I'm a bit skeptical of the super fast brew times with this new dripper but I will be interested in hearing feedback when it's available. I also have a V60 and get equally good results so I was surprised that my best result with the December dripper was at the most restricted flow (extraction differences between flat bottom and cone dripper???).


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bobR wrote:Brew time was 2:45-3:00 for 330 grams water and 22 grams coffee.
That is still pretty fast though. Did you try it with less restriction and finer grind?

I'm always a bit confused when I see baristas aim for <2-3 minutes brew time as I'm often seeing better results at 4-5 or longer. It will of course depends on a whole slew of other variables but I have stopped being afraid of long brew times per se (just look at Tricolate or Gagné's Aeropress recipe). Stalled brews are no fun in the mornings of course


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I did optimize to my preference at all restriction settings. It was a finer grind at the less restrictive setting but my preference was about a 3 minute brew at the most restrictive setting.


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Anyone know if there is a USA vendor for this yet?
8ounce in Canada has it for 37 USA.
I love collecting drippers and this one looks fun.


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Does this also work with Kalita 155 filters?