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Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.
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Richard wrote:If you think in terms of a round, flat-bottom basket, yes. But this is a wedge-shaped basket, not flat, and the basket flow design is such that the paradigm of the Technivorm brewers is a hybridization of immersion and a continual flow throught the bed (however we want to describe that). As such, the "spray pattern" isn't ultimately very important.
If the water is predominantly flowing through only a portion of the coffee grounds then there is no way the whole of the coffee bed is being evenly extracted or contributing significantly to extraction, no matter the design of the basket. Given the choice between uniformly distributing water onto the coffee bed, or plopping it in a lopsided manner onto just a portion of it, there is no design rationale for the latter. Especially at a cost-is-no-object price point.

You could avoid stirring, accept uneven extraction, and adjust other parameters to optimize given those assumptions. But why would you. I haven't tried other Moccamasters but this is how mine performed as new so I presume it is typical of this model.

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I bought one and am excited to give it a go. I'm optimistic that it'll improve the extraction.