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Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.
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Ora wrote:Its confusing, they call the sizes S and M, but in reality its Small and Large. So i just mean the M size.
I think it corresponds to 01, 02, and 03 filter sizes but instead of numbers they use letters S (01) and M (02).
Maybe because it takes wave filters and cone filters they didn't want a feeling of being locked in to one or the other. But it's confusing when they don't offer the L size.


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Sugssugi wrote:I recently bought origami dripper s in white and it is so beautiful. I bought the 155 wave filters along with it. Been brewing with it since last week and wanted to share my experience and maybe learn a thing or two with others who love the origami dripper as well :D

I love how the drawdown is faster than my hario v60. This allows me to grind finer which I love and it never clogs. I can also switch to my regular v60 filter if I wanted to for similar result even though the drawdown is also slightly faster.

So this is how I brew with my origami. Using 15g to 230ml water with temp 195deg/f. 16 clicks on c40 which is quite fine for pourover. I do three pours. 50g bloom for 40s then 80g and 100g for final pour. Brew was completed at 2:20. I was brewing ethiopian guji uraga natural and it turned out perfect for me. It got me excited because the taste was out of this world. It was really sweet and floral. It was so good that it made me want to post about this :lol:

Please do share your opinions and recipe if you wish. I can try them out :mrgreen:
I just received my white origami dripper with wood collar from my brother who was in Kyoto's Kurasu coffee shop in Feb 2020! (pre-pandemic). He also bought a pink one. It is beautiful and very elegant. Will need to find a carafe to use and display with it. The simple elegance of it made me want to share (and humbly brag) about it!

I too find that it draws down faster than my V60 - I used Hario V60 filters (tabbed, 100 count MIJ). I had it with some Kurasu coffee's house blend (also from 2020!). I was pleasantly surprised that even though it was from 2020 Feb that it still bloomed. 14g/225g. Very smooth, no bitterness. Will have to experiment some more and read the rest of the thread.
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