Sample packs of different V60/cone filters

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Ever wonder what filter paper xyz is like, but don't want to buy 100 of them? I know I've been curious.

Rogue Wave is offering sample packs of 10 filters in 01 and 02 sizes. Cost is $2-$3 per pack. I think that this is a great idea. Free shipping at $40CAD in Canada, $40USD to USA. (Switch to USD at the bottom of the page.)

Current selection: ... mple-packs
You can see comments about the flow, etc., of each filter on the individual product pages. Note for Hoffmann fans: Sibarist FAST sample packs are listed separately at ... 9444659251 but Sibarist sample packs are currently out-of-stock.

No affiliation with Rogue Wave except as a happy customer.
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Timely post.

I saw that and thought it was quite nifty. I considered it but instead opted for full packs of Cafec Abaca (my go to), origami, and Kinto.

So far the Origami seems quite close to the Abaca (it's made by Cafec) and I have not tried the Kintos yet.


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Thank you for this tip.
Rogue wave was great. I contacted them and they instantly changed the Sibarist 5 pack sampler to show in stock (not sure why it was showing out of stock) and I ordered 3 different filters to try in the V60, intended to flow fast and not choke unde fine ground light roasts. Really appreciate not having to order 100 packs of various filters if they turn out unfavorable.