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So in my search for trying nitro cold brew at home, I've ended up at Royal Brew - the one that seems like the best option for lower cost of entry, reasonable size, and decent quality. There are N2 chargers available for this (2oz) and so that, combined with the 64 ounce size, seems like a decent start. It comes as a keg or a growler, I think the only real difference is the growler has a wider mouth making it easier to brew cold brew in that vessel.

Are there others to consider? Who has this one and likes it here? Thoughts, one way or the other?

Thanks folks...
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FWIW, I ended up buying a "NitroBrew" ( and it looks like a winner. Up to 16 ounce single serving, very quick, and no cartridges or recurring costs. It just uses a compressor to pump atmospheric air into the pressure tank and imparts nitrogen that way. Reviews seem very good, as does quality. I should have it this week and intend to give it a good workout over summer.
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