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Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.
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Just remembered that Barb and Doug at Orphan Espresso re-use about three times. Their rinsing technique is shown starting about two minutes in this video for the Coda:
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civ wrote:...If you use one of those fine mesh filter cones inside the paper cone, the paper cone will be much easier to clean up and then last longer...
That seems like a product idea waiting to happen. A plastic/metal mesh cone that has larger holes to accommodate water easily passing through on either side. The filter could be placed on the inside or outside used for rinsing the filter to reuse again.

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DamianWarS wrote: ... a product idea waiting to happen.
Which will end up being a more expensive solution, as usually happens. =^7

Just use one of these off-the shelf replacements for the less expensive pour over machines/set ups:

If the filter you use is a pointed cone shape, use something like this:

There's a myriad of them out there, from $4.95 to $35.00 and more, in metal, ceramic, even titanium something or other ...
But the cheapest one will do just fine.

Just put it inside the paper filter.
You may have to add some sort of spacer around the rim so that the paper filter won't get damaged.



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Nick Cho was playing with this in 2012, he explained that it makes it easier to stop the extraction where desired by pulling the metal inner filter out of the paper filter. I tried this method back then but it didn't stick.

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I tried to reuse filters a time or two, but I didn't have the best luck. Instead I purchased a Kone filter as it was in at the time.
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I don't understand the premise.

While supermarket shelves have been cleared of certain items it would surprise me if paper coffee filters were hard to obtain. And while one can argue that every little bit helps it seems like a tiny, almost insignificant way to save paper. Is it to save money? It doesn't bother me if people reuse their filters, or their t.p. for that matter. I just fail to see the point.


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At least for Aeropress, they can be reused quite a bit. I'm not sure how similar pour over filters are to aeropress filters.


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Some of us are not allowed to leave our homes to look at the empty shelves, I also don't live in the developed world (neither do all HB members) so these things are harder to come by. The question may not be relevant to you and that's fine, I'm not forcing anyone to reuse. However where it is true 1 person saving paper is not much at all if it was common practice millions could contribute to positive environmental impact.

Regardless, crisis aside, It's still a practical solution even if your just running low, I've found 3 times for a filter is about what it can handle before it gets too choked with residue.


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My problems is the other way around how to emptying my paper filter, I have too many paper filter at home for 300ml coffee per day I don't know when my paper filter will end there's Hario Paper size 01-03, Kalita Wave 155-185, Clever Drip Filtropa 04 , Chemex 8 Cup, lots of Aeoropress paper...also bunch of Kantan small paper filter for traveling...



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lol, being a coffee junkie I have a bit of a problem with that too (just at present not with hario size 2 paper filters) Any coffee brewer out there that I don't have, I want, so needless to say I have a lot of needless coffee things.