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Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.

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baldheadracing wrote:Clever Coffee Dripper is the easiest to use in my opinion ... plus you can use it for either immersion or pourover.

V60 isn't newbie friendly. Getting consistent results can be difficult.
Yeah, upon further reflection, I've changed my mind, and think the v60 isn't necessarily the best choice for a newbie. It's what I got as a newbie, never got especially good at using it, and abandoned it for an immersion brewer. The Clever came out after I'd made the switch to the Duo, so I never played with one, but it does seem like a solid choice.

I like my Stagg drippers a lot, but they're on the expensive side for a dripper, and if someone is just getting their toes wet they may not want to pay so much (I knew I wouldn't have 12 years ago when I got into the hobby).


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TomC wrote:Cathy your post is priceless. Thanks for sharing your methods and struggles and successes
Thanks. 8)

I'm trying to share. I asked a question a few weeks ago, and someone basically said, "I don't know. Please try it and share your results. We don't have enough of that."

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I would be happy with as little as 8 oz of coffee. I've only been brewing 20 oz because that's what my autodrip machine needs to "properly" extract. 8 oz for one mug, then if I want another, I'll just brew again. no big deal.

Do I need a more precise scale? I think I would like a Fellow stagg. it looks super easy to use.


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Do I need a more precise scale?
I'd try the one you have for now, and if you aren't able to achieve consistent results with it, then maybe upgrade?

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Okay, that's fair. I'll give it a shot. The Fellow Stagg is expensive so I think I will wait for another one of those 15% off deals they seem to offer me every few months. I've heard the Stagg produces solid results for newbies, and if I understand it roperly you can brew a large or small amount of coffee with it.


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if I understand it roperly you can brew a large or small amount of coffee with it.
Yes. The Stagg XF can brew both larger and smaller amounts. When my daughter is home from school, I brew 24 ounces of coffee, though I haven't yet achieved as good a cup as I do when brewing a single cup. I also have the smaller Stagg dripper for when I'm brewing a single cup, because - and this is totally frivolous - the bigger filters fill up my compost bucket really fast. The smaller filters for the smaller dripper take up a lot less room. I suppose I could use the small filters in the big dripper, but it's a little annoying (to me) to do that.

One quick tip - the filter molds itself to the bottom of the brewer and makes it drain super slowly. Before I got a little screen to put down there to prevent that, I did the bloom, then gave a gentle tug upward on the filter - just that once - and that allowed it to drain properly for the rest of the brewing.

Added: I also have the carafe, and I love the darned thing, but not everyone does. This might be a good replacement (and much less expensive). It's what I press into with my Aeropress. Unlike many "beaker style" borosilicate glass measuring cups, it's made of sturdier, thicker glass, and it's genuinely dishwasher safe (I had to replace my first one because all the markings washed off after - I kid you not - 3 trips through the dishwasher). ... UTF8&psc=1