Ratio Eight, Stagg XF w/ Ode grinder

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#1: Post by sosha »

So, I've been loving the combination of the Ode and Ratio Eight. Recently bought a Fellows XP pour-over set to give that a shot (you never have enough ways to make coffee). I was watching video by Fellow about using the pair, and they recommend an Ode setting of 1.

Huh? A setting of 1?

Now I'm confused. I've always used it set at 6.5 for the Ratio. I'll try it both ways, but an curious about others' experience.

Thanx in advance.
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#2: Post by CathyWeeks »

James Hoffman recommends grinds at the lower end of the Ode for the Hario V60 anyway. So far, I find myself using an Ode setting of around 3.0 for the Stagg, most of the time. For one cup.


#3: Post by travis_rh »

In general, those settings make sense. You're going to want a finer grind for the Stagg XF than you would for drip coffee.

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#4: Post by TomC »

I took my Ratio Eight back home from my little office brewing setup, (where my Ode is also). I've used the Stagg XF a little bit, but the suctioning of the paper filter to the bottom of the brewer makes it a no-go for fine grinds unless you use something like a Cremina showerhead or something similar to float the filter off the bottom a bit.

A setting of 1 on the newer burr design will choke the brew and make a mess, probably regardless of (reasonable) dosing. It's easy to pause while manually pouring water in a pour-over, but take your eye off a auto-drip like the Ratio just for a second, and you can easily end up with a big mess!

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#5: Post by LBIespresso »

I bought an Ode for my wife to use because she's afraid to touch my monolith. I figured I'd give it a try and it surprised me how fine I had to grind.

For my PO with Origami + Kalita wave 185 filter I had to grind at 2 or 3 to get a comparable grind to what I use with my monolith if that helps.

If I thought the Kafatek was too expensive, I am sure I would be very happy with the Ode.
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#6: Post by PIXIllate »

I'm getting darn close to extremely coarse espresso grind settings on my Monolith Flat with the Tricolate.