Ratio Brewer vs Manual methods?

Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.

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Now that the ratio has been in the wild for a while, does it live up to expectations not from a convenience perspective or design aesthetics perspective, but vs the cup quality of performing manual brewing in a chemex or Kalita wave or v60 etc?

Can it truly replace the manual methods, or is something of a "better than a traditional coffee machine, worse than a skilled manual pour over, but a good win for compromising between quality/convenience"? Or is there limited reason now to perform manual pour over at all if you can get your hands on a ratio?

Also, how does it compare/differ from what Decent is doing with their automated pour over on the new machines?

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I might have a unique perspective of value to this topic. I am the proud owner of two Ratio 8 brewers, so that should tell you something. One at work that is my workhorse, and one at home that sees much less use, since on my off-days at home, i'm usually more inclined to the occasional espresso based beverage.

I also have a Decent Espresso DE1PRO 1.3V.

For the most part, I'll exclude the DE1PRO from the impressions. But the Ratio 8 is still robust, reliable and consistent. Even though I wish I had temp adjustment capabilities or a way to program some sort of bloom without water passing down into the carafe, I still must confess that the brews that it makes are consistently great, with little fuss required to make them.

At work, all I have to do is grind my batch (Orphan Espresso Fixie Grinder) and give the filter cone a 180 turn halfway during the brew phase. That's it.

I use a Cone filter inside the ceramic cone, for easier clean up.

So, my answer is, it's incredibly convenient when you want convenience, but when you want to laser-focus in on a certain approach (time, temp, dwell time etc), you might want something else. It' also performs a bit better when targeted towards larger batches, with slightly coarser grinds.

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On my 2nd Ratio Eight now... my first was replaced under Ratio's generous warranty policy after a corrosion issue which resulted in a failure after 3+ years. I've recently upgraded my morning workflow with the addition of the Fellow Ode Grinder. I use a #5 setting and continue to use a Chemex type workflow with their filters. My favorite coffee right now is a Buddy Brew Sumatra organic medium roast. The coffee compares very well to my pour over setup.

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I purchased the Ratio Six after Michael's mention of it in the 2020 Coffee Grinder Showdown videos. I use it with the insulated carafe as recommended and for temp control I skip placing the insulating ring on top of the basket when I brew something darker, like a Sumatra.

I'm not an expert with pour overs, but I had been doing a lot of them (Hoffman style) before the brewer. I have to say I get consistently good cups with the brewer when the grinder and dose are dialed in for the bean (and many are the same grind and dose). I have to fill it up to 4, which fills two regular coffee mugs, so if I want only one cup, then would do a V60. I don't sense a big difference when not side by side.
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