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Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.

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Here's a video of my pourover and how it should look like. The coffee was only a week old so lots of bloom.

18gr coffee and 300gr of water
V60-01 with standard tabbed V60-01 filters
Ground with my EG-1 with SSP burrs so very low on fines


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Totally not an issue for C40 MK4.
Cause I have the same fast flow problem(which I know that's not a problem now) for months.

1.the clicks on every single C40 is not equal, most Mk4 I know is smaller than Mk3 for the same grind size, somewhat like 24(MK4)~~27(Mk3) maybe 2 to 3 clicks variation.

2.every bean grinded by C40 with the same click setting will result different flow behavior, less dense beans flow too fast for using V60.

3.for fast flow beans, try small multiple pours to match the brew time to grind size, that's the most important part to get the sweetness using C40.

4.other options, to get a slower filter papers like KONO silky or CAFEC dark roast/light roast for V60. or neglect V60 for this kind of beans.



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Not sure if anyone has mentioned it or not, but the water hardness can make a huge difference in the bloom as well.

Each time when I'm coming home after several months of using almost distilled water I'm noticing the huge increase in the bloom.
For the rest nothing special here. With the C40 anywhere between 22 and 26 or so clicks, and around 33 grams of beans for about 530ml water / 3 mins. For the blooming I add around 70-80 grams of water in under 10 seconds and give it a good swirl. Then after about 30 sec a single slow poor after the blooming. Using the V02 size.


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Hi Yosialie. Any updates since the last post?


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he prefered the aeropress for time being... maybe he need more times to make some adjustments for pour over style... :)