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Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.
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ex trahere wrote:I wonder if those that are advocates of the pulse pour are using flow restrictors. It is really difficult to perform a continuous pour without a restrictor of some sort. Before I had mine I did what resembled more of a pulse pour, although I feel as though my cup quality has improved now that I pour more slowly for the whole brewing process.

The only flow-through extraction brewer I prefer to a V60 is a woodneck, but they do produce similar profiles if attention to detail is taken. It's true that it takes more skill then others brewers, probably the reason why so many people bash it...
I too love my V60 and Woodneck. Recently, I have fallen for the Kalita and use it religiously alongside my CCD while at work. Regardless of the science/logic swirling out there about extraction, I enjoy these brew methods and that is all there is to it.

*edit* I just got a great tip for pouring with the Buono. I have always tipped it on its side, but was told to really tip it on its side, as it displaces the pressure on the spout making the pour less sensitive. I put that tip to use and was able to get the exact same flow rate/control (took a bit more steadiness) as the kettle with the restricter. I definitely would not have been able to pull that off without having used the restricter for such a long time first.