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Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.
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I agree. If someone asks how they can brew better coffee at home I first ask whether or not they are interested in manual brewing or a machine. Depending on that I usually recommend some entry tools like a solid burr grinder from Baratza and a Bonavita or a Baratza Grinder and a Clever Coffee Dripper.

Keeping it simple when making recommendations makes coffee less intimidating. If they get into it and find themselves enjoying, that is when I would suggest a scale or trying something like a manual dripper.

That is exactly how I started out and I now own many manual brew devices, two kettles, and two scales. I keep one setup at work and one at home. I monitor all my variables and take notes as I work with a new coffee or roast. Helping someone learn to brew better coffee is as simple as recommending the basics such as a grinder and brewing apparatus. Obviously the beans are one of the most important pieces to better coffee. It's important to take it slow and not make people think that they cannot brew good coffee otherwise.

For many, a burr grinder and dripper are more than enough to get them started.