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Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.

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Acavia wrote:What does "45" mean?
That's the grind setting of the niche. The niche is stepless but the adjusting ring has numbers on it for reference


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This has always confused me because I find water off the boil to be far better in most cases. Not only does it taste better to me, it also drains faster allowing for a finer grind. Could it be the water profile, aside from taste preference, that leads to different experiences? My tap water is very soft:

Ca 25 Na 12 Mg 4 SO4 39 Cl 13.5 HCO3 59 pH 8.5

..perhaps leading to inefficient extraction at lower temperatures.

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I agree with you that softer water goes together with higher temperatures. Besides water quality, I've found that higher temps doing better in a V60 also correlates with lighter roasts and better greens.
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Acavia, That's the Niche setting used on that PO