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Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.

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jmotzi wrote:Yes that is my experience so far - different taste.

I suppose there are three ways of using the Switch:

1. Add the the coffee in the standard way in the cone, then add the first portion of water for blooming. After blooming, release the valve and continue with the pour as usual. This I think is what you were suggesting?

2. Add the coffee in the standard way and then add all of the water. Stir and let steep, then release the valve allowing the entire contents to drip through. This is way stated in the instructions.

3. Add all of the water first, then add the coffee, stir and steep. After steeping, release the valve allowing the entire contents to drip through. This is the way JH recommended in a video about the Clever Dripper.

#3 is the one I am experimenting with now. After that I likely will try #1 which I will guess is the best.

Interesting. I did some reading and found out most who prefer their coffee with more intensity will use the switch. It will have higher tds as well for those who like more concentrated coffee.

Yup I think doing #1 seems like a good brewing method. #2 is the default way like what you said. And #3, never heard of it but now it makes me keep guessing :lol: I believe there is no correct way of brewing. If you like it then thats all it matters. I myself want to know how that cup will taste like. Thank you in advance for the update :mrgreen:

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Darn near all we drink is PO and the biggest difference between yours and mine is, we roast out own and use 195°f water. Quit timing draw down and go by looks. Kalita 185's, Cafec yellows.

We also grind very fine. When we did time draw down was well over 3 min.