The Physics of Filter Coffee: Jonathan Gagné - Page 2

Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.
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It says $6.95 shipping...

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Not to Canada. Which is ironic since I beleive both Scott and Jonathan are Canadian.

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Scott isn't, although he was at Myriad in Montreal when he started the EK43 craze.

I would guess in Mississauga (where @jrising works) will eventually carry the book - they have all the Rao books and Ryan Brown's Green Coffee Buyer's book (which I still haven't read :oops: ) - and they have free shipping within Canada for orders over $30CAD (and Aeroplan points, LoL).
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TomC wrote: This was my initial issue as well. I added it to my cart the day it was released, then saw the shipping costs and firmly pumped the brakes.
Rao helped Gagne publish it and sells it on his website. So whatever logistic limits Rao has Gagne's book will be the same.

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This is very interesting! Thanks for helping me find Jonathan! I'll hold off on buying the book and dive into his blogs and videos. I watched most of Scott Rao interviewing him and it was very interesting to hear his data driven answers.
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Ordered, got charged $6.95 shipping.

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I have it but it's very technical (I never took advanced math) so not a super light read for me, so I take my time one chapter at a time.

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They shipped quickly, I started reading it today and it started fine but ramped up pretty soon so I'll have to take my time as well.

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I have had it for a couple of weeks. It is very technical but still has plenty of good information. I just skip over the equations, for now. I've been busy so I haven't completed it yet.

I can't be sure but I seem to remember that he said that there will be some info in the book not in his Patreon posts. Not sure though.

FYI- I paid $5.95 shipping to Southern California.
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Any insights to share from the book?
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