Osma, an Interesting New Brewer

Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.
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#1: Post by sweaner »

Just saw this, seems interesting.

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#2: Post by coffeemmichael »

Ahh, finally- the spiritual successor to Juicero!

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#3: Post by Joey_Osma »

Thanks for sharing Osma! I'm one of the designers, and would be happy to answer any questions and/ or discuss our design approach.

We were actually inspired by Juicero in terms of what not to do. Not just allowing but encouraging users to experiment with their own coffees and create shareable recipes was a foundational goal for Osma.


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#4: Post by HB »

Joey, please review the site's rules for Vendor participation in the forums. Your participation is welcome, but it's important to avoid violating the dreaded "commercial posts" rule. Thanks.
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#5: Post by Joey_Osma »

Thanks Dan, those vendor rules make a lot of sense. If my response to the Juicero comparison is too close to that line, let me know and I will edit.

I'm near to listen to feedback and answer questions. Thank you for having me!


#6: Post by heytchap »

I'd like to see more posting and comments about this device. I'm very interested, even has a convo with the OSMA people on IG, but I am mildly worried that this is:

- vaporware
- will have poor support
- without having this in the hands of reviews prior to purchase, who's to say whether it's good or not?

Lots of unknowns to make people jumpy here.


#7: Post by heytchap »

Wound up buying it last night. we will see how it goes.