Orea or Kalita Flat filter papers

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I use a Kalita wave 155 and 185 Drippers. I had purchased a Etsy Negotiator to assist in positioning the flat round filter paper in the dripper. The plastic Negotiator is made or purchased from an open sourced 3D printing.

For me the flat filter paper flows better than the standard fluted filter papers. And it's fit to the Dripper is superior.
And I'm able to grind the coffee finer and have exceptional brewed coffee with the flat paper.

The only source I have been able to locate is the Orea website that sells 100 pieces of 155/185 flat papers plus shipping from the UK.
The price is very high...
Does anyone have an alternative source in the USA for these filter papers or have other filters that will provide a similar result.


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I use these papers from Alliance Brew Gear on a Fellow Stagg X (which should be the same size as the 185 as they use they same papers). Same as you, I'm smooshing them flat using a negotiator I designed. They work perfectly well, exact same flow characteristics as the stock Stagg filters. But they're much cheaper!

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I ordered these from Amazon and they work pretty well with my Orea V3.

I personally prefer non-wave paper, as they may increase the amount of bypass.

Just make sure you trim the bottom with a scissor (only a little). If you cut off too much it compromises the filter and it may tear.

Good luck!

https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08MVXW8JR?ps ... ct_details

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I have a Orea small Dripper and I have been informed that these will fit my Dripper, except the height of the filter paper will be taller than the Dripper. I had looked for the same brand filter paper for a 1-2 cup size and had no luck.
Are you familiar with the small trapezoid paper and if they are offered for sale.

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Not sure if you want cheaper filters or better filters. These are not cheaper. Whether Sibarist are better or not depends on how one feels about having a low flow restriction.

https://www.roguewavecoffee.ca/products ... per-filter
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Yes, the Sibarist filters can be used with the large Orea and Kalita Dripper. Except the size of the filters aren't compatible with the the smaller 155 Dripper. The filter papers are quite large...

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I had hope there might be an option to purchase these small flat filter papers from another source other than Orea in the UK.
Time-has run out.... And it seems there is no alternative... Thanks all. Placing my order to be shipped from UK.