Orea BIG Boy brewer extractions

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:shock: Hey All, So I have the orea big boy brewer and made 60 grams coffee and my mistake used 1160 ml water, it was Suppose to have been 1000ml . I forgot to change my grind size as well to a bit coarser so it doesn't stall with very large brews. Well it took 10 minutes to finish and tasted pretty good ! I usually do not pay much attention to the timing but I do try to get it to where it's not at least stalling and taking way too much time like today, But I was very surprised that I didn't have to add more water at the end it was not overextracted at all. I'm sure it's because the ratio changed, By accident and if I would have used the 1000ml it would have been under extracted ? Can anyone share their experiences with really large batches like 60 grams, grind size whats your current or past experience with the Orea Big Boy !

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Still very much a newbie with this brewer. I've done a grand total of three.
None was bad, the last one was the best. The ratio was 45g/750ml. I poured 2x the weight of grounds for the bloom and WWDT'ed to make sure all grounds were wet. Let it sit for 45 sec and did 5 pours of equal mass until I got to the 750ml added.
The coffee was a Ceremony Roasters (Annapolis, MD) Holiday Blend.
Results were very nice. Sweet and balanced. Very tasty brew.
Grinder - Ode Gen 1 with SSP MP burrs, setting was 5-0.
I got this brewer so I could share coffee with more people when called for. My wife doesn't drink coffee so my normal method is V60 just for me. (21/350 or 15/250) So far I'm very happy with it and can't wait for more opportunities to use it.