The Orb One. Has anyone seen or used one?

Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.
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Saw this today on one of my social media feeds. And wonder if any of you has seen or used one.
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Wow, less information than I think I've ever seen abut a coffee brewing device. If I was guessing I'd suggest it's a fancy looking very expensive mocca pot, but given the lack of documentation, who really knows.

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The old Kickstarter page has a bit:

There's an old thread about it: Orb One: Stovetop Coffeemaker (Kickstarter)

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I was an original Kickstarter with Crucial for the Orb One. In December they finished sending Orbs to original buyers. They now sell for $189.00.

I have used it five times with espresso grind. The last three were perfect dark coffee and crema. It takes time to put it together and clean afterward. However, the coffee is excellent.

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There are reviews out there. I am pleased with mine.