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Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.
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MellowCat wrote:Jim, on other threads - perhaps the Clover thread - you've mentioned 'muddy' cups, coming from sub-optimal brew methods.
There's three issues here.

The first is undissolved, unsuspended fine grind particles in the cup. These are removed by a paper filter, and get into the cup in every other brewing method. There is no effect on the taste. Some people dislike the resulting mouth feel, some prefer it. If you are drinking from a glass cup; it markedly improves appearance to paper filter as the last step of whatever brew process you use.

The second is the badly over extracted coffee trapped inside the larger grind particles. They don't seem to get into the cup in percolation methods like Clover, Mochapots, drip, Aeropress, etc. My guess is that the grind particles are too small in these methods, and do not absorb sufficient water for this to be an issue. However, if the grounds are manhandled in a French Press, you will substantially reduce cup quality. There probably are ways to press down in an FP without doing this, but you are guaranteed to avoid this in an Eva Solo or the other methods we've talked about.

The third is what I have described as "muddy" cups from Aeropress or Clover, a description with which many people disagree. My taste in brewed coffee has been formed by cupping light roasts. Brewed coffee for me is a different beverage to espresso, not some emergency substitute. So to me, these brew methods produce a cup that is over-extracted, over-concentrated, and with their taste and aromatic subtleties swamped by roast flavors. This is a matter of taste preference and perhaps even brewing "genre."
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FWW, I received my CLEVER today and am a bit buzzeddddd. I am happy to report that it is another way to brew a good cup of coffee which retains much of the flavor and aroma that I associate with a particular blend or SO. It would be a good traveling companion when paired with a hand coffee mill. I used a Melitta for a couple years and this is a better way to go. For the price a fair value!
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